Wynntown Marshals

Wynntown Marshals

At the tail-end of 2017 and three studio albums into their career, the Edinburgh-based 'Americana' band The Wynntown Marshals marked a decade together with the release of “After All These Years” - primarily a 16-track retrospective look back at some of the recorded highlights of the previous ten years with the added bonus of 3 exclusive new recordings.

Described by Uncut magazine as “colonising the shadowland that lies between Tom Petty and Teenage Fanclub”, the Marshals were championed from their earliest days by legendary British broadcaster ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris and our very own Ricky Ross, Iain Anderson, and Roddy Hart, culminating recently in a triumphant appearance on BBC Scotland’s Quay Sessions. The band signed to Europe’s leading roots/Americana label Blue Rose Records in 2013 and have racked up universally stunning reviews for each of their subsequent 3 studio albums. “Westerner” (2010) was called “the best Americana album from Europe ever” by RootsTime in Belgium, and its successor “The Long Haul” was placed at number 10 in the Sunday Herald’s list of the ‘Top 50 Scottish Albums of 2013’, ahead of new releases from big-hitters like Texas, Travis and Biffy Clyro.

The Wynntown Marshals’ lyrics are never throwaway, the subject matter often obscure. World-weary yet uplifting melodies are channelled via strident guitars and gorgeous vocal harmonies, offset by beautiful keyboard parts, and driven by a rock-solid rhythm section. There’s something for everyone with the Marshals - nostalgic lyrics collide with jangly guitars and killer pop hooks, powerhouse guitars, plaintive pedal steel guitar, and washes of Hammond organ.

Following a successful appearance on BBC Scotland's "Quay Sessions" last year, the band are now well on their way to completing their fourth (as yet untitled) studio album which should come out in the autumn of 2020, and can't wait to 'air' some of these in their set at March Into Pitlochry.

Critical acclaim for The Wynntown Marshals:

- “Scotland’s greatest exponents of Americana… miles above the competition…” – Louder Than War (UK) July 2017
- "Whisky-soaked, with blurry echoes of a decelerated Husker Du... 9/10" - Uncut (UK) Dec 2013
- "One of my favourite bands – period!" - No Depression (US) 2013
- "A real favourite of mine" - Bob Harris (BBC Radio 2, UK) 2010
- "Arguably, Scotland’s strongest band at the moment” - Metro (UK) 2015
- "They really have the potential to conquer the charts and radio" - Maxazine (Netherlands) 2013
- "A beautiful, classic country sound, and a wealth of beautiful songs" - Heaven (Netherlands) July 2013