Roberto Cassani

Roberto Cassani

Roberto Cassani, double bass player and story-singer, is a one-off musical rascal. Born and raised in Italy, with mischief and artistry in mind, Roberto has never allowed himself to follow any trend, for he sees music as an apprenticeship of unknown length and purpose...which above all must be fun, live and honest. Same goes for his partner in crime, genius guitarist Owen Nicholson.

"Roberto Cassani is like the best street musician, the last troubadour, a clown; genuinely an enigma, I've never heard anyone quite like him. He's true to life, funny and says something different about Britain today" - Mark Coyle.

"Completely different! Unique! Quirky and humorous with a dark side of truth lurking underneath the chuckles". Frank Hennessy (BBC Wales)

"A charming genius! One of my all-time favourite performers." - Martin Stephenson, UK songwriting legend and leader of the Daintees