Deaf Mute Society


Formed in Edinburgh in 2015 by vocalist John Keenan, guitarist/vocalist Mikey Robertson, and drummer Callum Saint, DMS (Deaf Mute Society) has consistently picked up new fans and plaudits. With the line-up completed by bassist Euan Mushet and keyboardist Jen Bain, the band closed a successful 2019 on the live front, playing a host of festivals such as March Into Pitlochry, Oban Live, Kelburn Garden Party, and Party At The Palace, with the release of their debut EP "Imposter Syndrome"

"DMS appear to have a natural ability to blur the lines between genres and produce exciting tracks that are hard to put your finger on. It’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s a promising sign of things to come" - Mind Noise Network

"It should be a disaster, but there’s something life-affirming and endearing about their style. DMS have an almost inexplicable appeal" - Whisperin and Hollerin

"Definitely ones to watch heading into 2020, because at this early stage, they have the proficient know-how to produce entertaining material of a high calibre and that will surely elevate them to loftier heights" - Small Music Scene

"Imposter Syndrome? No, not really. DMS are the real deal, classy, sophisticated pop rock. EP’s don’t get a lot better" - Maximium Volume Music

"Like Luther Vandross backed by AC/DC!" - Garry Harrison