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Attic Lights

Saturday Night Headliners

Formed in an attic in Glasgow, Scotland by Kev Sherry and Colin McArdle in 2005, they were soon joined by Jamie and Noel. Amongst their inspirations they cite Weezer, The Beach Boys, Flaming Lips, R.E.M. and The Lemonheads. The band signed to Island Records in 2008 and released their debut album 'Friday Night Lights' the same year. In 2013 the band released their second album 'Super De Luxe' on Elefant Records.

Attic Lights have appeared on the BBC's The Culture Show in a live performance and interview and toured and supported Camera Obscura, Cerys Matthews, Travis, The Fratellis and had their songs remixed by Mogwai and The Vaselines amongst others.

In November 2016 the band's song "Why Should Christmas Be So Hard?' was used to close the Christmas episode of the HBO comedy/drama show Divorce featuring Sarah Jessica Parker.

Attic Lights are currently recording their third album.

· “Irn Bru strength melodic sweetness with stirring choruses, handclap tempos and school-disco grooves.” (Mojo Magazine)
· “In a better world this would be a mega-selling disc.” (The Herald)
· “Chiming 12-string perfection” (The Guardian)
· “Vocal harmonies weave in and out of this perfect pop” (The Sun)
· “Coming on like The Eagles lassoing Fountains Of Wayne to The Beach Boys…transcendent – 8/10″ (NME)
· “Spellbinding” ****(The Fly)
· “Sumptuous harmonies” (Q)
· “Hugely infectious ” ****(Uncut)
· “A master class in harmonising” **** (Word)
· “Triumphant emotive pop gems” (Clash)

Attic Lights